Faculty of Science and Technology Graduate School of Engineering,Oita University

Creating a better future with Science and Technology Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Graduate School of Engineering: Yuji Kobayashi

Creating a better future with Science and Technology

Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology,
Graduate School of Engineering
Yuji Kobayashi

We reorganized the Faculty of Engineering founded in1972 and into the Faculty of Science and Technology in April 2017.And this time, this faculty reorganized into 1 department and 9 programs in April 2023 for the development of human resources who can respond to rapid changes in social and industry structure.

The mission of the Faculty of Science and Technology is to develop outstanding engineers and scientists who act as active driving forces to creating the future. In order to clear the society's problems that keep extending broadness and adding complexities, the landscape of the technologies is changing more rapidly than ever before. As fundamental shifts have undertaken in industries and societies, we redesigned engineering education and focused to foster challengers who search for root of the problems scientifically and innovate cross boundaries technologies to lead a comprehensive solution.

The Department of Faculty of Science and Technology has 9 programs: Mathematical Sciences Program, Computer Science and Intelligent Systems Program, Physics Collaboration Program, Electrical Power and Electronics Program, Mechanical Engineering Program, Intelligent Mechanical Systems Program, Biological and Material Chemistry Program, Regional Environment Science Program, and Architecture Program. Students in this department will be granted a bachelor's degree in science and engineering.

Following an era of technological development that emphasized economic efficiency based on mass production and mass consumption, that led us face environmental destruction and food/energy crises, new global-scale research and development have been promoted in recent years to explore the realization of a sustainable society. Our country has been struggling with difficulties catching up social and industry structure reform changing more swiftly than ever before, resulting from the progress of globalization accelerated by advances of information technology and AI and, also, from a decrease in the productive age population.

And further, the world environment is about to change dramatically. In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic that occurred in 2019 has completely changed the style of our life, work, and study. Our daily life has changed completely, and we have been confronted with challenges in human resource development and research at university. University is places to learn cutting-edge science and technology, and we need to be sensitive to changes and movements in society and world. Under such circumstances, university has a responsibility to show the style and form of a new society. We must continue to transcend the boundaries of each specialized field, propose new measures, and continue to respond to the ever-changing social and industrial structures. If we continue to follow precedent, it will be difficult to continue to develop the human resources that society needs in this rapidly changing society. In Japan, which is poor in natural resources, we need to maintain a global perspective and continue to create new added value through science and technology in order to maintain prosperity in the future.

We need to cope with these difficulties and to design a new social model and realize a sustainable society. In order to solve multiple global-scale issues and build a sustainable society, we must cultivate human resources with science and technological knowledge who possess both a professional perspective in a specific field and a wider interdisciplinary vision to collectively capture related fields. The newly reformed Faculty of Science and Technology aims to develop human resources encompass science and engineering to explore the rules and principles causing the issues and to design technological innovations from those bases. Such types of human resources are expected to work in society as a driving force to solve multiple global-scale issues and realize a sustainable society.

The Faculty of Science and Technology strives to resolve issues with a global impact: Efficient use of energy and saving/recycling of resources related to energy storage; prevention of global warming; invention of nano materials that have epochal performance; creating mechanical materials with high reliability; construction of a more advanced communication infrastructure; designing an architecture and urban/transportation system that make it possible to coexist with the environment; and exploring mathematical and scientific bases as the foundations of these works.

Furthermore, we provide substantial facilities, experimental equipment and the network environment to sustain our education/research. You can fully utilize the research environment and concentrate on your chosen research theme while you fully propel your research in the environment. By actively promoting collaborative research with companies, we enhance cooperation with society. We also actively promote contracted research from the various foundations (NEDO, CREST, JST, etc.) and have been actively participating in national projects. In this environment, you will have direct exposure to the cutting-edge technologies or developing environment. Through the endeavors of these education/research, we aim to produce human resources who will challenge the paradigm shift and play active roles in changing the world.

The Graduate School of Engineering was established to further enhance expertise based on the knowledge/technology acquired in the bachelor's programs. We provide two-year master programs and three-year doctoral programs. Why not contribute to social development with the knowledge/technology that you have acquired in the Faculty of Science and Technology and the Graduate School of Engineering? Why not make your future meaningful? Let's create a better future with the science and technology! We look forward to your enrollment in our university at the Dannoharu Campus.