Faculty of Science and Technology Graduate School of Engineering,Oita University


 To create world-class scientific technology, contribute more to the local community, and cultivate human resources who possess rich creative minds, social natures, and human natures through high-quality and distinctive research.


Educational Goals

We will cultivate human resources who possess high levels of motivation for learning and thinking power to independently explore issues, well-established basic academic skills that meet international standards, and advanced technical knowledge as well as a rich sense of humanity and high ethical standards. The Department of Science and Technology fosters human resources who will contribute to the innovative development of science and technology in the future.

Research Goals

We will promote innovative research that will lead to the next-generation of advanced technology by exploring complicated issues in the local and international communities that are related to interdisciplinary fields based in the material, environmental, and informational sciences.

Goals for the Contribution to Society

We will strive to address problems such as welfare and environment for which contemporary society has sought solutions, create a new industry through collaboration with the local community, and contribute to developing a vibrant and pleasant local community.

Administrative Goals

To smoothly promote challenges and accurately respond to the social responsibilities given to this faculty, we will aggregate flexible will and build an operating system, while promoting self-examination and evaluation as well as external evaluation.

Issues and Policies

Building on our history of results, our faculty responds to the creation of innovation that will meet the local community's expectations. Based on a collaboration between industry, academia, and the local community, we aim for new technology development that will lead the world. We also strive to create technology and an industry that will contribute to the development of the local community from a global perspective . Therefore, we will cultivate human resources knowledgeable in science and technology who have both the professional perspective in the specific field and the overall vision to collectively capture related fields. These individuals will possess the abilities to find and solve issues independently and to promote research that will create the innovation needed to build a sustainable society.

Educational Issues and Policies

Department of Science and Technology

We will cultivate human resources who can respond to the following:

  1. To have a broad knowledge of culture, society, and nature, as well as specialized knowledge and skills in the field of science and technology, and a bird's-eye view of the field, and to utilize these knowledge and skills in a cross-sectional and comprehensive manner.
  2. To communicate with a variety of people in Japanese and foreign languages, based on scientific backgrounds, to work in cooperation with others in a team, and to express the results of their activities in documents and presentations.
  3. To address the issues of the present day and age from a comprehensive perspective by working in collaboration with others and to contribute to proposals and activities for solutions from the viewpoint of science and technology.
  4. To act in accordance with their conscience and good sense, based on a strong responsibility and ethics as an engineer, researcher, and educator in the field of science and technology.
  5. To contribute to solving problems from viewpoints of science and technology for the welfare of humankind and local communities.
  6. To respond to rapidly changing circumstances and to acquire the knowledge necessary to solve problems as an engineer, researcher, or educator.

Research Issues and Policies

  1. Promotion of creative and distinctive research work

We will form research groups and unite departments as one for the research issues with strong social demand and distinctive research issues that will lead to the next-generation frontier.

  1. Cultivation of young researchers and creation of the new technology/new industries

We will foster a number of young researchers who are rich in entrepreneurial spirit and will lead to the creation of new technology/new industries by establishing project research.

  1. Securing of exceptional researchers

We will extensively seek exceptional researchers through open recruitment and aim to improve our research level. In conjunction with this, we will solidify research evaluations.

  1. Transmission of the research outcomes to the world

We will communicate our faculty's distinctive research outcomes to the world through various media and demonstrate our faculty's presence.

Issues and Policies for the Contribution to Society

  1. Creation of new technology by collaborating with society

We will aim to solve urgent issues as typified by welfare and the environment through a collaboration with the industrial world, in particular, the industries located in the local community and municipality. Together we will jointly create new technologies/new industries that will unlock the next generation of technology.

  1. Cultivation of human resources who will influence the local community

We will cultivate human resources who will influence the local community through reciprocal learning such as internships and refresher education. We will also support the promotion of our graduates' employment in the local community.

  1. Provision of a place for lifelong learning for the local community

We will actively convey the dream and appeal of scientific technology and its great possibilities to the local community and young people through international exchanges, in-university open events, and organized lectures.

  1. Activities to aim for symbiosis with local people

We will cooperate in promoting and creating local culture or creating comfortable dwelling environments through student and faculty volunteer activities or the provision of teachers' collective expertise.